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Building a Connected World with ARM

Jaltek who have been working with ARM for over 10 years have successfully delivered their new lower cost, high performance debug and trace unit which complements their existing ARM DSTREAM.

The new ARM DSTREAM-ST unit retains the existing remote network and USB host connection capabilities of its high-end sibling - ARM DSTREAM - but use of a cost-optimized ARM-based hardware platform enables efficient debug of complex SoCs for use in cases that do not require high-bandwidth program or instruction tracing.

Jaltek carried out the manufacture, full test and box build of both the DSTREAM and the DSTREAM_ST before shipping the completed products to ARM’s warehouse.

Donna Fiddeman, Supply Chain Specialist for ARM commented on the manufacture of their new DSTREAM-ST product and working with Jaltek saying; 'Jaltek made the whole process an absolute pleasure, not only did they make it possible but it was also one of the smoothest new releases I can remember. Jaltek took the time to work with us right from the outset putting together a timeline and planning for long lead purchases in advance and I believe that their forward thinking had a big impact in ensuring the smooth running of the whole process. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Jaltek on our products.'

David Riches, who is Business Unit Manager of the team that look after ARM said ‘We’ve worked with ARM for over 10 years now and are proud to continue to do so, ARM-based chips are shaping the smart connected world. Nearly 15 billion were shipped last year alone and nearly everyone will have one of these chips in at least one digital device that they own. The D-Stream product has been an integral part of Jaltek’s successful relationship with Arm & it’s great to have been so involved in this latest release. Working with Arm to identify supply issues early put us in a great position to achieve the tight deadlines required for the products eventual release.’