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Jaltek completes manufacture of Micro Python Boards

Jaltek Systems recently partnered with George Robotics to manufacture their Micro Python prototype and carry out volume production of the boards.

Micro Python is a lean and fast implementation of the Python 3 programming language that is optimised to run on a microcontroller. The board is a small electronic circuit board that runs the Micro Python language.

Micro Python was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign which raised £97,803,far exceeding the original goal of £15,000 which was raised in less than 2.5 days. The software is now available to the public under the MIT open source license, and the boards completed manufacture this month.

The board comes preinstalled with Micro Python and is suitable for everyone, whether a beginner or an expert robot builder. It requires no set-up, no compiling and no soldering, and if you don't know Python it is very easy to learn the language. You simply plug the board into your PC (Windows, Mac and Linux all work) using a USB cable. It then acts just like a USB flash drive.

Steven Blyth; New Business Development Manager for Jaltek Systems, commented; 'Jaltek Systems are delighted to be supporting George Robotics with their new Micro Python project. After seeing Damien's campaign on Kickstarter we were struck by his innovation and the wide market appeal that that we foresaw that this product could have. We wanted to help ensure its' manufacture and success and so approached Damien, with a view to building his prototype boards. We offered him manufacture flexibility and open book costings, and after visiting the factory and meeting our team Damien signed up to volume production. We are really excited to have this opportunity to work with such an innovative company.'

Damien George, inventor of the Micro Python board added; 'I'm really excited about this project and it's great to see such a positive response to it. Jaltek Systems have a great reputation for working with new high technology start-up companies so when they approached us we were keen to work with them. They demonstrated their knowledge and experience and furthermore we could see that they were truly passionate about the product and making it a success. It's been really rewarding working with Jaltek on the final design and then seeing the boards come to life in their factory. The team kept us informed throughout and ensured that we always felt part of the process. I can't wait to send out the finished boards. I set out to combine functionality with minimalism and believe we have achieved this.'

Join us on the factory floor and watch the manufacture of these boards, from beginning through to final product, by clicking on the video image above.