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Jaltek joins forces with new medical customer to shine a light on cancer

Jaltek is delighted to announce that we have recently become Lightpoint Medical’s chosen supplier for their new groundbreaking and multi-award winning technology which is set to change the way cancer is treated.

Lightpoint Medical was founded in 2012 with the goal of becoming the world technology leader in targeted cancer surgery. Currently 20% of patients who undergo surgery for early-stage breast cancer will have cancerous tissue left behind. Lightpoint Medical has developed a proprietary molecular imaging technology that detects cancerous cells in real-time during surgery, allowing surgeons to accurately remove cancerous tissue whilst sparing healthy tissue.

The technology is based on Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging (CLI), a ground-breaking imaging modality that can perform optical imaging of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging agents. (See here for more information on the technology). CLI’s molecular targeting capabilities and ease of clinical translation make it a potentially disruptive technology.

David Tuch, CEO of Lightpoint Medical, commented: We’re looking forward to building our manufacturing partnership with Jaltek. We evaluated numerous manufacturers for this project and Jaltek had the perfect combination of quality, expertise, and track-record of delivering.’

Steven Pittom, Managing Director of Jaltek added: ‘Jaltek is really excited to be working with such an entrepreneurial company not only on such innovative technology but also technology that is so vital and personal to many of us.’

Since the founding of the company 5 years ago, Lightpoint has achieved clinical trial data in multiple cancer types, regulatory clearance, and is well on its way to transforming the practice of cancer surgery. 

For more information on Lightpoint Medical please visit their website.