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Providing the ultimate protection for homes

Jaltek are delighted to announce that one of our newest customers, Cambridge based start-up Sinclair Fire, who have been recognised for their outstanding British innovation, is about to go in to volume production with their much anticipated product; The SinclairFire Heat and Flame.

Thousands of people in the UK suffer devastating fires each year. With the use of breakthrough technology Sinclair Fire have set out to change this. Using patented algorithms to monitor infrared levels in your home, their device will save lives and reduce the cost of fire damage by detecting fires rapidly and providing optimal flame detection.

The Heat and Flame uses a sapphire crystal to filter out a specific wavelength of infrared radiation that is released heavily by an open flame and then measures how much of this wavelength falls on to the detector. An algorithm then monitors the rate at which the radiation is received and decides whether it is coming from a safe source, such as a gas hob, or a dangerous source, such as a kitchen fire.

James Popper, founder and Director of Sinclair Fire commented; ‘SinclairFire began as a university project in 2013 when I was inspired by a fire related accident involving a family friend. Most heat alarms are either really slow to respond to fires and lead to excess amounts of damage, or they’re a nuisance and are always going off. I wanted to come up with a detector that was different.

Popper continued; ‘The accumulation of support from many organisations and lots of hard work has now resulted in a fully certified detector, ready to be used throughout the UK, that picks up fires quickly and typically saves 30% in damage costs compared to a traditional detector. Jaltek has played a big part in this journey and is a significant partner in our manufacturing process. SinclairFire is proud that because of Jaltek’s quality engineering, responsiveness and flexibility we can continue to manufacture our detector in the UK.’

Steve Pittom, Managing Director for Jaltek commented; ‘Sinclair Fire are a young innovative company and we’re delighted to be working with them. They have identified a crucial gap in the market and their life critical product will add significant value. They continue to receive significant funding across the UK and US and Jaltek are delighted to be part of their success.’

Currently Sinclair Fire work predominantly with Fire and Rescue Services and Social Housing Providers and Developers. However, they will soon be enlisting with major retailers so that they can provide all home owners with technology that is faster, smarter and safer, providing the ultimate protection for their homes.

You can read more about Sinclair Fire here.