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Simulators take flight as demand increases

L-3 Link, a world leader in providing advanced flight simulation solutions for a wide range of advanced aircraft platforms, and a long term customer of Jaltek’s, have recently increased their order in response to an ever growing demand for flight simulators in the far east.

Jaltek who build systems for L-3 Link’s Reality 7 Simulators, will be producing 10 systems a year for the company with the option to increase this to another 10 if required.

Steve Pittom, Managing Director commented ‘We’re delighted to be able to support L-3 with this increased demand for their flight simulators. The significant capital investment that we made at the beginning of this year to up-grade our capabilities and purchase new assembly lines means that we are perfectly placed to be able to meet the increasing requirements of our current and future customers ensuring that they have the flexibility that they need.’